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Year 7 Curriculum Support Booklet

Year 7 Curriculum Support Booklet

This is a booklet designed to support you in your school studies. It is important you understand how to use it.

Your teachers have collected together all of the interesting facts, key words, techniques, and memory aides they think you need to know in their subject. There is a lot of helpful information in these pages that you can use to help you understand and enjoy your subjects.

You can use this booklet in the following ways:

  • To help you revise. This might be for a test, or it might be in your own time. It is important to remind yourself of what you have learned, particularly if it was a tricky topic, so that you can build on what you know. You remember more if you revise regularly (e.g. during the holidays).
  • To learn new information. You may come across words or ideas in this booklet that you haven’t covered in your lessons. Don’t worry –  this is an excellent opportunity to stretch yourself and learn new things. You can always ask your teacher in your lessons to explain a word or concept if you aren’t sure – or impress them with something you have remembered.
  • To help you with homework. You can look up key words or strategies to help you with homework tasks. It is recommended that you keep this booklet at home: you will keep it safe, and you can also ask someone to help test you. If you only complete homework at school, it is best to keep it in your locker.

Your teachers want you to learn as much as possible, so it might seem at first that there is a lot of information here. Do not worry: it is designed to help you, and learning from it is not an impossible task. You could start by:

  • Looking at each section when you do that subject for homework.
  • Highlighting in different colours words you do and don’t know.
  • Choose 5-10 words or terms each weekend to memorise, in a subject you know you need some support in.
  • Use the Look-Cover-Write-Check system to ensure you know things really well – and keep testing yourself!