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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

Year 11

Walking Talking Mock

We are continually researching innovative ways to help the Year 11 students achieve the very best they can.  To this end, we have organised a programme called ‘Walking Talking Mocks’ (WTMs).  The main benefit of a Walking Talking Mock (WTM) is that students can be guided through an exam paper by a subject specialist.  In this context, the subject specialist can discuss the best possible approach to each exam question, alert the students to common mistakes made in specific questions, provide the key elements in an answer an examiner would like to see etc.  The students will be encouraged to make notes throughout. 


In terms of the set for these, the subject specialist will speak to the entire year group in the auditorium.  Using a visualizer, the students will be able to see, on the big screen, what the teacher is writing (notes and responses) while the teacher is talking the students through the process.


The schools who have used this strategy have commented on it in a very positive way.  As a result of this encouraging feedback, we have planned to run WTMs in core subjects in the two weeks before the Easter holiday - for your information the timetable is below.  The two week schedule will include ‘actual’ mocks in addition to the WTMs.  The reason why we have chosen to run the WTMs at this time is because we expect them to inform the students’ revision activities over the Easter holidays so that these are very focused.


We expect attendance to be 100% on these days so that every student can benefit from this strategy.