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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

Trips and Visits

Trips and visits form an important part of the sixth form experience at Ashcroft Sixth Form.

The range of activities last year was truly impressive. Students took part in oversees visits to Poland, Iceland and Paris and there are planned visits to Morocco, Venice and Barcelona for 2015-16. Equally important are the more local visits to galleries and lecture halls to enhance student learning. Sixth Form Students lead their own clubs such as Medical as well as taking part in Debating Matters.

For term 1 , the following trips are planned.

Both students and parents will receive relevant details in due course:



Purpose of Visit

Science/ Biology

Leeson house, Dorset

A2 Biology field trip for their coursework.



Hampton Court 

Students study the Tudor period as part of the A level course. The day is a series of talks and a guided tour of Hampton Court. This enables the students a further insight into life in Tudor England and to be able to contextualise what they have been learning about in class. 




This international trip gives students the opportunity to visit a country that hosts some wonderful geographical contrasts  comprising diverse geological landscapes, including the world's largest hot desert, North Africa’s highest mountains and a culture fusing African, Arab, Berber and European influences. It allows the students to see some of the landscapes and cultures they learn about in the classroom.



Wimbledon High School- Geographical Lectures

The Geography department have been offered the opportunity to join students at Wimbledon High School for a series of lectures that will support and further challenge their learning at A Level. The lectures offer students the opportunity to listen and meet with some of the leading researchers in the contemporary field of Geography, the first lecture in the series in being hosted by Jim O’Neill, a leading world economist.