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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

Marcus Jonas - Year 13

Prior to enrolling Ashcroft Technology Academy, I attended The Swedish School in London. The transition was made very easy by the kindness and supportive nature of all the teachers and staff. I chose ashcroft because of its great reputation for mathematics. Studying mathematics, further mathematics and physics, and aiming to start a mechanical engineering course at a top UK or US university, mathematics is a vital component.


At Ashcroft, the teachers are more than just lecturers in a classroom. They are always willing to help with both school work, and extracurricular endeavours, such as finding a work experience placement and attending lectures at local universities. They also manage to make lessons fun and interesting, an aspect many other schools lack, by showing great enthusiasm for the subjects they teach and the work ethic they encourage. The workload can get steep, but the two Learning  Resource Centres (LRC), together with the Sixth Form Study area, provide ideal environments for all to extend their knowledge. Ashcroft’s also has amazing facilities within the classroom, turning the learning into more of an experience than a weekly routine. Ashcroft also offers many extracurricular activities within school that our form tutors encourage us to attend. I have personally benefitted from the weekly STEP maths club for further mathematicians, and have enjoyed helping year 7s with their reading.


Throughout my time at Ashcroft Technology Academy I have been heavily active in rowing, representing Great Britain twice: in Munich (Germany) and in Poznan (Poland). Ashcroft has been very supportive of my personal commitments and have given me that extra boost in confidence when competing. This is what makes Ashcroft unique. Their willingness to help and support you, in and out of the classroom. This creates a different kind of relationship between students and teachers that encourages learning and developing.


In June, I attended a Broad Based Engineering Course at Queen’s University Belfast, where I had the unique opportunity of trying many of the disciplines within engineering. This was entirely paid for with the money I received from the Ashcroft Sixth Form Scholarship (that is available for any student to apply for). This has really helped me as I was unsure of what course I wanted to do read at University, and has been a massive help in my UCAS application.  


There are so many aspects of Ashcroft Technology Academy that make it unique, and I am thoroughly enjoying my time at the school.