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Life After the IB

The vast majority of IBDP students choose to continue their education at university after receiving their Diploma.

Unlike A Levels, achieving the very top grades in the IB is unusual and is not required to secure a place at a top university. However at Ashcroft it would certainly not be uncommon for students to achieve more than 1 Level 7. For example, only around 100 students across the globe achieved 45/45 points in 2016 and this is reflected by university offers. As a guide, the top UK universities (the Russell Group), tend to offer university places to IB students predicted 32-38 points. Oxford and Cambridge offers are generally between 39 and 41 points.

Kings College London, currently ranked the 19th best university in the world (QS World University Rankings) has produced this table to demonstrate how its IB offers compare to A Level, for all degree courses:

A level IB
A* A A 35 points including 7 6 6 HL
A A A 35 point sincluding 6 6 6 HL
A A B 35 points including 6 6 5 HL

IB students tend to be very successful in securing places at top universities, and subsequently achieving the highest classifications for their degrees, as shown by the two charts below: