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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

Learning Resource Centre

Opening Hours (LRC1 and LRC2)

7:30 AM // 4.30 PM

7:30 AM // 5.30 PM

7:30 AM // 5.30 PM

7:30 AM // 5.30 PM

7:30 AM // 4.00 PM

LRC1 is open to Post 16 students for individual study from 7:30am daily.

General information

The Learning Resources Centre provides a full range of materials and resources to support the curriculum and to stimulate private reading and personal interests. It holds large collections for both students and teachers. Inductions are provided for all users and there is a research and study skills scheme in place for years 7 and 8. It operates through the curriculum to help students find relevant information independently and learn to skim and scan and make notes. In addition, teachers bring their students in throughout all year groups to use the resources for their subjects.

The resources comprise approximately 24,000 items including books, journals, magazines, newspapers, videos, audios, CDs, CD-Roms and Internet access. The library database 'Oliver' is networked and can be accessed throughout the Academy. It shows which resources we have, where they are kept and who has any items on loan. All students and staff have automatic membership of the centre and have free access at break, lunchtime and after the Academy day.

There are two Learning Resource Centres at Ashcroft Technology Academy. LRC1 holds all Key Stage 3 resources and the major art collection. It also has 26 networked computers with Internet access and an electronic whiteboard & projector for lessons and presentations. LRC2 holds resources for Key Stage 4 and Post 16 students and a suite of 12 computers. There is another network for Post 16 in their own careers and study area.

Trained staff are available in both LRC1 and LRC2 to answer questions and support students in using the full range of resources and to study independently. Leaflets and guides are provided to inform students and staff about the resources available and how to use them. LRC staff are also in contact with external institutions to provide a full information service.

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