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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

House System 

The House System comprises of four Houses: Challenger, Discovery, Endeavour and Voyager. Each House is overseen by a Head of House and the system as a whole is managed by the CAS Co-ordinator. Each House is made up of the following Tutor Groups and their Form Tutors. 






LG Member attached


7T1/5, 8T1/5, 9T1/4, 10T1/4, 11T1/4, 12T1/4,13T1/4,


Daniel Copcutt

Phil Hall


7T3/7, 8T3/7, 9T3/5, 10T3/5, 11T3/5, 12T3/5,13T3/5


Bethany Keetley

Michael Collins


7T2/6, 8T2/6, 9T2/6, 10T2/6, 11T2/6, 12T2/6,13T2/6


Farah Khan

Matt Gallagher


7T4/8, 8T4/8, 9T7, 10T7, 11T7 12T7,12T8 (IB1),13IB


Christopher Maloney

Jen Calvert


All Year 12 and Year 13 students will remain members of the house they have been in throughout their time at the Academy. External students joining the Sixth Form will belong to their tutor group house as shown above. All staff are attached to one of the houses.

The aims of our House system are:

  1. To facilitate inter-House competition covering creative, active, community and cultural activities.
  2. To provide opportunities for vertical groupings of students with posts of responsibility for older students.

Students in years 7-9 are able to earn house points which are recorded in their diaries. Students in all years are also able to earn house points through the ‘praise email’ system and through and taking part in house competitions.

House Calendar 2018-2019

Term 1 

Design a House Shield Competition
The Great Ashcroft Bake Off
Sixth Form Inter-house Dodgeball

Term 2

Photography Competition
Year 7 Times Tables Tournament
Science University Challenge
Key Stage 3 Inter-house Basketball

Term 3

House Bunting Competition
Multicultural Cook Off
Year 8 Times Tables Tournament
Sixth Form Inter-house Football

Term 4

Sixth Form Inter-house Quiz
Year 7 v 8 Times Tables Tournament
Reporter of the Year

Term 5

Dragons Den Invention Competition
KS3 Football World Cup
Sixth Form Interhouse Rounders
Sports Day
House Shield awarded - Summer 2018