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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

Head Student Team

Drew Coleman - Head Student

I am proud to take a leading role within such a diverse Sixth Form. In our Sixth Form we have a range of students from all ethnicities, who have come from our lower school, other schools around London and even from other countries which creates a balanced and friendly atmosphere which was easy to integrate into. It is clear that one thing unites us all: our motivation and drive to achieve academic excellence. The learning environment we experience is outstanding and the effort from both students and teachers demonstrates the value placed on the importance of education, achieving highly and developing character. Beyond this is the wide range of extra and super-curricular opportunities that have helped me broaden my knowledge of subjects in preparation for applications to university. With the facilities the school offers and guidance of teachers that genuinely care for your well-being, it is hard to not leave Ashcroft with great grades, values and skills to prepare you to be a successful and decent person beyond school.

Jay Ayliffe - Deputy Head Student

Studying the International Baccalaureate (IB) at Ashcroft has been an incredibly enriching and rewarding educational experience. It has enabled me to design my own personal curriculum, allowing me to continue with all the subjects that I am passionate about and want to explore in greater depth. Moreover, the CAS aspect of the IB course has encouraged me to participate in a variety of different activities and volunteer work, providing a wide range of experiences to draw upon for university applications. The structure of the IB Diploma has allowed me to continue with the subjects that I want to specialise in, such as English and History, alongside developing my knowledge of the sciences and maths which I know will benefit me in later life. Furthermore, I have been able to bring my creative talents in film into my curriculum through Film Studies, and have used this course to create links between all of my subjects. This have given me a broad and deep foundation in the liberal arts, preparing me for applications to a wide range of courses at University.
While the great breadth of the IB can be challenging at times, Ashcroft is uniquely equipped to support students with its extensive independent study facilities, modern science laboratories and excellent sports and arts suites. This provides students with an excellent learning environment where one is able to develop a wide, personalised skill set that prepares them not just for a specific career path, but for life.

Afia Sardar - Deputy Head Student

I am an internal student at Ashcroft Sixth Form. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology in the hopes of studying medicine at university. Since medicine is a very competitive course, Ashcroft has given me lots of support and advice on how to be a successful medicine applicant. We receive full support in the process of our UCAS applications during higher education guidance lessons, as well as lessons on finance and choosing the right university and course for us. The sixth form organised trips to visit universities in order to give us a taste of student life at different universities, including Oxford and Cambridge universities, as well as other Russel group universities, which has allowed me to choose the universities best for me. I am always encouraged to pursue opportunities for extra-curricular development such as participating in the ‘Make me a medic’ scheme, which was recommended to me by my teachers.
There is a broad range of opportunities that Ashcroft provides for other courses too, such as LSE Choice, Cambridge essay competitions for English, and a range of experiences for those pursuing careers in engineering. This support and guidance in shaping my range of experiences has been central in making me confident in pursuit of a place on a medicine course next year.

Isaac Balbolia - Deputy Head Student

I am currently studying Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at A-Level and aspire to study Aeronautical Engineering at university. As an external student who moved to the UK in 2017, the prospect of joining a new school was a daunting one. After a year spent here, I can proudly say that choosing Ashcroft was one of the best decisions I ever made. The school’s high achieving Sixth-Form provides an outstanding platform for students who have the drive to succeed to flourish both personally and academically. Amongst the many inspiring opportunities available to students is the annual Sixth-Form Scholarship, aimed at Year 12s. This offers students funding to pursue a course, skill or experience that will support their application to competitive courses. I applied for a scholarship to gain more experience and expertise in engineering and was able to fully fund a one-week Engineering Head Start course at Oxford University, an opportunity I am very grateful the academy gave me. This course and scholarship was central in me subsequently gaining a work experience placement at British Airways in large competitive field of applicants. Ashcroft have encouraged, supported and enabled my pursuit of these experiences, which are a key part of my application to Cambridge university.