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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

Head Student Team

Helen Webley-Brown- Head Student

Hello, my name is Helen Webley-Brown. I joined Ashcroft in September and I am studying the IB diploma. My subjects are Higher Level: English, Chemistry, Biology and Standard Level: Economics, Maths and Spanish. I aspire to study Politics and International Relations, possibly with Economics, at university in the UK or USA.

As an external student from Kingsdale Foundation School, the prospect of having to integrate into a new school community and adapt to post-16 education was a daunting one. However, I can honestly say that I have not regretted this decision once. I am proud to be part of an “outstanding” Sixth Form with a welcoming and diverse student body and dedicated staff. Our Sixth Form provides an excellent learning environment where you will thrive and develop both personally and academically. To complement our academic curriculum there are a multitude of extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities available here and I encourage you to get involved. In my short time at Ashcroft I have had the pleasure of taking part in Model United Nations, rowing club and the annual Balloon Debate - to name a few. Ashcroft is a Sixth Form that supports and acknowledges hard work and ambition. As Head Student I hope to inspire and collaborate with my fellow students, as well as support the recruitment of others who share a great zeal for academic development and engagement. I firmly believe that a post-16 education at Ashcroft is an exceptional and rewarding experience. I look forward to welcoming you in September.

Oscar Fitzpatrick-Nash - Deputy Head Student

I joined Ashcroft sixth form in September last year from Thames Christian College. I study A levels in Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Physics. Ashcroft offers great diversity of people, activities and facilities, along with a positive working environment. From the day that I started, I discovered that there are lots of events to be a part of, and I have participated in many myself. The house events are always the most competitive, and very enjoyable also! I had the privilege of being appointed house captain for Discovery where I lead and organise my house for events. This has been a great experience for me, and has helped me to develop skills that have led to my appointment as Deputy Head Student. This post is an honour to fulfil, and I have great hopes for the Head Student team, who will aim to maintain Ashcroft as an enjoyable and friendly workplace for all students.  Academically, I am passionate about my work, and study hard to achieve top grades. My main interest lies in the human body; what it’s composed of and how it functions in different environments. Therefore, I have an ambition to study Medicine at a top University in the UK, followed by a career travelling around the world delivering medical aid to many countries. Along with this, I would like to contribute to research into developing better drugs and methods for treating illness and disease. In addition to my work inside the Academy, I am volunteering weekly at a Hospital for Neuro-Disability, to gain valuable experience in preparation for my career as a doctor. Ashcroft is helping me to achieve my ambition in a number of ways, including by awarding me a scholarship for a Medicine course, as part of the Sixth Form Scholarships scheme.

Shanell Cornwall - Deputy Head Student

I am Shanell Cornwall, an internal Ashcroft student currently studying Psychology, Biology, Sociology and English Literature. I specifically chose these subjects as the content is best suited to give me a ‘leg up’ in achieving my goal of pursuing a career in Forensic Psychology. Assessing and treating the criminal mind has always fascinated me since studying criminal behaviour in psychology at GCSE. With the skills I have gained here at Ashcroft, such as strong communication and problem-solving skills, I am confident in my ability to excel in this field of work. As a member of the Head Student team, I wish to work closely with my fellow team members in order to help maintain the smooth running of events that take place in the Academy as well as voicing the ideas of my fellow peers. In addition to this, as a Discovery House Captain, I will be able to communicate with the younger students to help build a closer relationship between the lower years and the sixth form.

Dominic Bonilla Castro - Deputy Head Student

My name is Dominic Bonilla Castro and my former school was Platanos College. For me it has been a privilege to be part of the prestigious Ashcroft Sixth Form and it has been more than enjoyable to study the IB diploma since the start of September.  Recently, I've had a change of aspirations, now I plan to study PPE at Oxford and follow a career in politics whilst also obtaining my goal of creating my own company. I hope to utilise the many skills gained throughout the IB Diploma specially in the subjects of English, Psychology, Biology, Mathematics and Italian; also my enhanced skills of public speaking and critical thinking will help me in my future course at university. I have also participated in debate competitions including a final at the House of Lords, additionally, I was the Head Boy of my previous school. I aim to organise events where Sixth Formers and younger years can work together and socialise, ultimately I want to improve the learning of our students. but to also make changes that will benefit upcoming sixth formers. I like to be active and engage in any sport but more importantly I enjoy reading and researching my chosen subjects and future course as this intrigues me and will help me have a better understanding of what lies ahead for me. I am currently Deputy Head Student and my role is to work alongside our Head Student and welcome anyone's opinions and contributions as everyone can be part of a positive change in our school.