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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

GCSE Triple Science - Physics



OCR Gateway Physics A (9 -1) J248

Course Content



Year 9

P1: Matter and  P2: Forces

P7: Practical skills

Year 10

P3: Electricity & magnetism and P4: Waves & radioactivity

P7: Practical skills

Year 11

P5: Energy and P6: Global challenges

P7: Practical skills


Paper 1: 50% (Assesses content from topics P1-P3 and P7)

Paper 2: 50% (Assesses content from topics P4–P6 and P7, with assumed knowledge of topics P1–P3)

List of Resources

The best revision guides

  • Collins OCR Physics - in one revision & practice (available in reprographics )

  • CGP GCSE Physics science for OCR gateway ( grade 9-1 )

  • Your exercise books

The best revision websites: