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GCSE Music 



Eduqas – GCSE Music

Course Content



Year 9: an overview of all the areas of study, building listening and music theory skills. Solo and ensemble performance preparation. Composition activities.

Year 10: AoS1 – Musical Forms and Devices, AoS3 – Film Music, AoS4 – Popular Music. Composition 1 (free choice), Solo performance.

Year 11: Composition 2 (set brief), Ensemble performance, AoS2 – Music for Ensemble. Revision of all of the areas of study.


Performance (30%): one solo and one ensemble piece of a combined duration of between 4-6 minutes.

Composition (30%): two compositions of a combined duration of 3-6 minutes.

Listening and appraising (40%): Eight questions based on the following areas of study:

AoS1: Musical Forms and Devices

AoS2: Music for Ensemble

AoS3: Film Music

AoS4: Popular Music

List of Resources

GCSE Music Revision Guide – Rhinegold

Eduqas GCSE Music – Illuminate Publishing.

All GCSE Music students are encouraged to take private music lessons at the Academy. More information about our Private Music Tuition Service can be found here.