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GCSE Higher French

Theme 1: Identity and Culture

Describing yourself

Friendship, what makes a good friend

Family relationships

Going out

Describing your life when you were younger

Role models

Hobbies (sports, music, reading, internet, TV, cinema)

Describing your daily life

Describing family celebrations and special occasions

Describing festivals and traditions

Theme 2: Local area, holiday and travel

Describing a region, a town or district

Saying the weather

Asking for your way

Discussing what to see and do in a region

Describing community projects

Describing what you normally do on holiday

Talking about holidays (present, past and future)

Talking about an ideal holiday

Booking and reviewing hotels

Ordering in a restaurant

Buying souvenirs

Talking about holiday disasters

Theme 3: School

School subjects

Describing your school

Comparing schools in the UK and in French-speaking countries

Discussing school rules

Talking about extra-curricular activities

Talking about school exchanges

Theme 4: Future aspirations, study and work


Discussing career preferences

Talking about plans, hopes and wishes

Discussing about the importance of language

Applying for jobs

Talking about work experiences

Theme 5: International and global dimension

Talking about what concerns you

Discussing problems facing the world

Talking about what you can do to protect the environment

Discussing ethical shopping

Talking about volunteering

Discussing big events

Grammar:  Can you use the following?


Regular verbs in the present tense

Irregular verbs in the present tense

Reflexive verbs in the present tense

The perfect tense

The near future tense

The imperfect tense

Combining the tenses

The simple future tense

The conditional

The pluperfect

The gerund

The imperative

Understanding the subjunctive

Other higher level grammatical skills

Using depuis + the present tense

Using Direct Object Pronouns

Using comparatives

Using superlatives

Using the pronoun en

Using the pronoun y

Using polite language (vous)

Using venir de + infinitive

Using negatives (ne que, ne plus, ne rien…)

Using avant de + infinitive

Uisng demonstrative adjectives (ce, cette, ces…)

Using adverbs

Using the passive

Using Indirect Object Pronouns

Asking questions

Exam Skills:  Are you prepared for the following?


The role-play

The picture-based task

The one-minute presentation

The general conversation


The bullet point questions

The translation from English into French


Gap fill questions in French

Multiple choice questions in English

Answering questions in English in sentences

Recognising the use of negation

Recognising the use of tense and time indicators


Gap fill questions

Multiple choice questions

Literary texts

Answering questions in English in sentences

Answering questions in French in sentences

Reading for inference (understanding the totality of a text and use deduction skills)

Recognising synonyms