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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

GCSE Computer Science

Computer Science


OCR – GCSE Computer Science

Course Content



Year 9: Binary and hexadecimal, computer systems: hardware; systems software

Year 10: Algorithms, computational thinking, Boolean logic, programming, ethical and environmental concerns

Year 11: programming NEA, data types and structures, programming languages, networks, system security


Paper 1 – Computer Systems 40%

Paper 2 – Computational Thinking, Algorithms and Problem Solving 40%

NEA – Programming project 20%

List of Resources

The best books:

  • Your exercise books

  • CGP GCSE OCR Computer Science Revision Guide (repro £2.50)

  • CGP GCSE OCR Computer Science Exam Practice Workbook (repro £2.50)

The best online resources:

Great resources can also be found in the Student share drive (S:\ICT\Computer Science 9-1 GCSE)  including exam papers and mark-schemes.