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GCSE Art & Design

Art & Design


Edexcel - GCSE Art and Design: Fine Art

Course Content



Year 9: Coursework Project 1 (previous project themes include ‘Self-Portrait’, ‘Above and Below’ and ‘Open and Closed’). Students work across a range of materials (printing, drawing, clay, painting and mixed media) to produce a sketchbook that develops into a final piece.

Year 10: Coursework Project 2 sketchbook and final piece (Students are given a theme which they are able to interpret to suit their material and artist preferences).

Year 11:

September to December= Coursework Project 2

January to May= Exam Project


60% Coursework (this is made up of two projects, each with a sketchbook and a final piece)

40% Exam (this is delivered in January, students have four months to work on a third and final sketchbook project that culminates in a final piece which is produced across a 10-hour practical exam)

List of Resources

Whilst school art trips are a core part of the GCSE course, students are encouraged to independently visit galleries and museums for primary source materials throughout the GCSE course.

Gallery & Museum websites enable students to source ideas and learn more about their chosen artists:

Guggenheim Museum showcases a collection of early modern masterpieces.

The Tate holds the national collection of British art from 1500 to the present day as well as international modern and contemporary art.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London promotes the practice of design, and knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the designed world.

The British Museum houses a vast collection of world art and artefacts. A website giving creative tips and inspiration across web design, graphic design, three-dimensional design and more.

National Portrait Gallery showcases the world’s most extensive collection of portraits.

National Museum of African Art aims to inspire conversations about the beauty, power and diversity of African arts and cultures.

National Museum in New Delhi, India showcases a collection of objects of historical, cultural and artistic significance.

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco aims to encourage people to discover ‘the unique material, aesthetic, and intellectual achievements of Asian art and culture’.