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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

Free School Meals

If your chson/daughter is currently in receipt of Free school Meals and you wish this to continue in the next Academic year, you must reapply as their free school meals entitlement does not automatically carry over to the next year.


A yellow form has been sent out in the post to you at the beginning of May. If you need another application form please use the link below to download a copy.

 Application for Student Support 2017-2018


If you are not currently in receipt of Free school meals and you believe you may be entitled to receive this or your circumstances change  you can apply at any time during the academy year.


If you have any queries please free to contact Mrs Nicky Campbell (Finance Officer)  on 0208 812 3542

Free School Meals Qualification: 

Students will qualify if his/her parent(s) are in receipt of  Income Support/IBJSA/ESA/Support under part VI of Immigration & Asylum Act 1999/Guaranteed Pension Credit or Child Tax Credit provided that you are not entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual income (as assessed by HM Revenue & Customs) that does not exceed £16,190.00.

A credit of £2.25 (via the restaurant mealman system) is allocated on a non-transferable, daily basis to provide a two-course lunch in the restaurant.

Entitlement is dependent on receipt of valid documentation. Free School Meal  provision cannot be backdated should your application not be received by us or be otherwise returned. Please therefore ensure that you forward all documentation as soon as possible.

Free School Meal provision is a statutory requirement of the Academy.

If you wish to apply for free school meals please download the application form below and return to Ms N Campbell at Ashcroft Academy.

 Application for Student Support 2016-2017