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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

Easter Revision Courses

We are impressed with the engagement of Year 11 students in subject specific catch up sessions, study club and mentoring.  These activities will undoubtedly help your son or daughter secure a very good grade in every exam.   In addition to these, and just as a important as these, your son or daughter should now revise every day at home – at least an hour every evening and 3/4 hours each day on a Saturday and on a Sunday.  Students should also plan to study 5 hours every day during the Easter holidays.


To help even more, we have created a revision programme for the Easter Holidays which we expect all Year 11 students to attend (Science and Maths are by invite).  The activities will run from 9am to 4pm, after which time the students will be free to leave.


We have uploaded the details on showmyhomework, but please also find the programme below.


With ten weeks of teaching now left, the Easter revision activities are crucial.  The study sessions will focus on course work, targeted tuition and exam practice.  Subject teachers will work with students; target any areas of their course the students are unsure of; help to improve the quality of work and build confidence.  Previous revision sessions have been very successful, and these activities one will be even more focused.


Students will be able to leave the academy when they are finished each day, and they will not be expected to wear school uniform - however, they will be expected to be dressed appropriately. 


If you have any queries or questions about the days, please email me –

Nearer exam time

Research shows that it is the last few weeks and days of preparation that have the highest impact on student achievement in exams.

We will continue to run lessons throughout the exam period.  They will be focussed sessions on improving performance in examinations.  A list of sessions will be provided on this page as we near the exam season.  

Students should not rely on this document as an examination timetable – they all have their own versions which they should use. Students should continue to attend lessons up to the date of their last exam in that subject.  Students do not need to attend lessons that they have no exam in or for which the exams in that subject have finished. 

Students should attend all relevant sessions and all exams in full uniform.

There are public libraries in Putney, Wandsworth, Roehampton and Earlsfield that could be suitable bases for revision (