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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

Consultation on Admission Arrangements 2020-21


This document provides a background to the statutory consultation exercise for the admission arrangements to secondary schools in the borough of Wandsworth Council, and seeks comments on the Academy’s existing admission arrangements.

  1. There are no proposed changes to the Academy’s admission procedures.
  2. Consultees are asked to consider the admission arrangements for Ashcroft Technology Academy and, if they so wish, to comment.
  3. Consultees who do not respond by Friday 21 December 2018 will be assumed to agree with the arrangements.
  4. The consultation will close on Friday 21 December 2018 and responses should be e-mailed to under the title ‘Response to Admissions Consultation 2020/2021 by the closing date.


The Academy is consulting all interested parties, including Trustees, the Executive Board, staff members, parents and community groups, on its admission arrangements for the Academic year 2020-21, and subsequent academic years. This consultation is a statutory exercise, even although there are no proposed changes to the Academy’s admission arrangements and procedures. There has been a recent change made to the Academy’s admission arrangements. The Academy was asked by the borough of Wandsworth Council to temporarily increase the number of students it admits in Year 7 (in September 2018) from 210 to 215 to help accommodate an increase in the number of applications received for a secondary school place. This prompted the Academy to consider the capacity of its school buildings, the growing increase in numbers seeking a place at Ashcroft Technology Academy each year and to propose a model that would meet the increased demand for a place in Year 7 for September 2019 and every year thereafter. With the agreement of the Academy’s Trustees and the Executive Board, the Academy increased its Published Admission Number (PAN) from 210 in Year 7 to 240, therefore adding an extra form class (from 7 forms of entry to 8 forms of entry) to the year group from September 2019 and to every Year 7 cohort thereafter.

Further action

  1. A copy of the Admissions Criteria 2019 to 2020 is available on the Academy’s website for consultees’ information and consideration.
  2. Consultees are advised that the Academy requires any comments on this document to be received by Friday 21 December 2018. Comments should be e-mailed to under the title ‘Response to Admission Consultation 2020/2021.
  3. All comments will be submitted to the Executive board for discussion.