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Careers and Work Experience

We are moving Work Experience for students from the summer of Year 10 to the summer of Year 11. Students in Year 11 this year should have undertaken a Work Experience in June 2015. However, if this was not the case for some reason or if a student wishes to undertake a further period of work experience then this can be done in Summer Term 2016. This would take place in June, July or August after the formal GCSE examinations have concluded. At Ashcroft, we have a small number of placements with employers which we can offer to students, however, we will be expecting the majority of students to organise their own placements.


Information for students who have not undertaken Work Experience

Students have been advised to consider where they may want to undertake their work experience placements. Quality work experience placements can often get booked-up many months in advance and securing a placement can often prove to be a lengthy process.

Prior to work experience fortnight students will receive a full programme of CPSE (Citizenship, Personal and Social Education) lessons in order to support and guide students into getting the most out of their Work Experience.

Work Experience offers many benefits and learning opportunities such as gaining an insight into the skills and attitudes required by particular job sectors and employers as well as the chance to develop, practice and demonstrate these skills in a work setting.

At Ashcroft we firmly believe that work experience is an essential part of the students' education and that the help of relatives and friends can play an essential part in finding placements.

Students on work experience will remain the full responsibility of the Academy and every placement undertaken by an Ashcroft student is subject to checks to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the student.

We will therefore require students to provide the Academy with a completed Placement Information Form. This will need to be returned to the Academy in the new calendar year.

The Placement Information Form, along with Work Experience- a Guide for Parents, which provides full details of the Academy's work experience scheme, can be found in the Parent Zone on the Academy website, as well as in the Work Experience folder in the Student Shared area on the Academy network. Placement Information Forms can also be collected from Ms Grant at the Academy.

If you have any further questions about the Academy's work experience scheme, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Grant at the academy.
Direct line: 020 8812 3513

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