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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy


For students and parents considering Ashcroft Technology Academy (the Academy) for your secondary school education, we have a very good reputation for providing excellent teaching and securing excellent results in a very well resourced environment. Last summer, students in Years 11 and 13 achieved the best examination results in the school's history.  We also saw our highest number of A Level and International Baccalaureate students secure places at Russell Group Universities, including Cambridge University and Princeton University in America.

The Academy is well known for providing a stimulating yet serious educational environment where the focus is on learning. Our students are very well behaved, enjoying their lessons in a strict climate with very high expectations. Our students regularly attain grades above their predictions, because we require them to be ambitious, work hard and to give of their best at all times. There is no place for mediocrity, for this will not prepare our students properly for adult life and inevitably is a disservice to our students. Therefore, students very quickly learn that they should be striving to excel. They find that academic competition is evident and that they need to accede to the challenge.

Learning starts in the classroom, and for students to be successful over their school career, they understand that focus and participation are the key. This has to start on day 1 of Year 7 if the correct habits are to be inculcated for students as they progress towards GCSEs.

There is much more to life at Ashcroft Technology Academy. Please take the time to read the brief quotations from older students on this page, and please also have a look at our extra-curricular provision. All staff offer activities outside the classroom to enthuse and develop our students' wider interests. There is much to find out about life at the Academy under the "Years 7-11" menu tab and by browsing through some of the photographs of trips our students have enjoyed.

If, having read about the Academy and what it stands for, you would like to apply for a place in Year 7, and would like to learn more about us, please put a date in your diary to come to one of our Open Evenings.

If you would like to see the Academy in action, you are very welcome to come along to one of our Open Mornings which take place in June and September when you will be given a full tour so that you can see classes in action. Prospective students are very welcome to attend if their primary school will give permission for them to visit. This is the best way to see any school, and so you are encouraged to come along if you are able to do so. Please note that these mornings are very busy, and therefore operated on an appointment only basis.  Please contact us to make a booking so that we can try to balance numbers touring and ensure that sufficient tour guides are available.