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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

A Levels in context

A levels are one of 3 recognised progression routes to higher education available to students in the sixth form at Ashcroft. Students with specific career paths in mind tend to study A levels. The IB provides an excellent alternative for all round high achieving students who want a more holistic approach to their education and BTECs in Music and Performing Arts provide a curriculum to express artistic talent. It is also possible to combine A level with BTEC. All of our programmes of study are designed to match student abilities and aspiration.


How much teaching time is there for each A level?

There are 5 hours of classroom teaching time for each subject. Lessons are arranged typically in “double” periods lasting 1 hour 15 minutes.


How much independent study time should I devote to each A level?

Time spent in the classroom should be at least matched by private study outside the classroom. In year 13 this will increase as most students reduce their curriculum from 4 to 3 subjects. Most of the learning will happen outside lesson time in dedicated private study periods and at home.


What are the A level results like?

Students make exceptional progress and show outstanding achievement and attainment. Ashcroft Sixth Form has been presented with pupil achievement awards in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Success has been sustained with typically over 60% A*-B and over 80% A*-C with 100% pass rate. We are proud of the achievements of all of our students.


How are A levels assessed?

A levels are assessed by examination at the end of the second year of study. Students take 4 subjects in year 12 and tend to progress with their best 3 in year 13. Very able students may, with consultation, take 5 in year 12 and 4 in year 13.