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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

Music trip to Horniman Museum

On Friday 24 June Y9 GCSE Music visited the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill to visit their gallery of musical instruments and take part in a Gamelan workshop.

Whilst they were in the instrument gallery theywere approached by a member of the museum staff who told Ms DiBartolo that she had been working at the museum for ten years and had never seen such a well behaved class!

In the Gamelan workshop the students learnt that Gamelan is the traditional music of Indonesia and played instruments from a Gamelan set made in Bali. The class were able to use the ensemble skills that they have been developing over the past year to create a successful, and very musical, performance. This trip was part of the students 'Bronze Arts Award' and Ms DiBartolo looks forward to seeing their write ups and reflections on the trip!