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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

Pupil Premium

Funding arrangements

Ashcroft Technology Academy (ATA) receives a significant part of its overall annual revenue funding in the form of Pupil Premium Grant (PPG). This funding is separately allocated by the government to enable schools to improve their resourcing with the specific aim to  support the educational attainment of children from disadvantaged backgrounds and those children in public care, through maximising their learning potential and as a consequence, their academic achievement. The Government sees this funding as an appropriate provision to address the current underlying inequalities that exist nationally between attainment levels of those who meet the disadvantaged criteria and those who do not. The funding is based on the number of students in Years 7 to 11 from the preceding January school census returns, who are entitled to, or who have been in receipt of free school meals at any point over the past six years or who are deemed to be looked after children within public care. At present this accounts for around 45% of students across these year groups at ATA.

The funding has been in place since April 2011 and the amounts received by ATA based on the free school meal criteria outlined above are shown below. The number of eligible students has dropped by almost 10% in 3 years and the concern that this much needed funding is being whittled away ostensibly through a combination of a tightening on eligibility rules for some benefits that qualify a student for free school meals and the impact of the universal free school meals policy at primary level. Funding is provided on a quarterly basis and paid in arrears with the figures revised on a financial year basis as opposed to academic year and therefore is recorded differently within ATA year-end accounts as to how it is displayed in the table below:-








Number of Year 7-11students on roll

1,054 1,054 1,029 1,046 1,021 978

Number of PPG Students*







Rate per Student







Pupil Premium Funding*







* does not include Looked After Children