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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

Head Student Team

Fredrika Persson - Head Student

I joined Ashcroft Academy in September, moving from a girls’ school in Surrey after GCSEs. The welcome here has been great and I am pleased to belong to this diverse and vibrant academy. So far Ashcroft has provided me with a strong educating/working environment combined with a raft of other challenges and opportunities which I have embraced, from receiving a scholarship for a coding course to being part of the rowing club. I am one of twenty students in my year at Ashcroft studying the IB diploma. My subjects are Higher Level: English, Chemistry, Physics and Standard Level: Economics, Maths and Spanish.

I enjoy studying a broad range of subjects as it keeps my academic options open and well informed. By nature I am quite an adventurous and curious person, hoping to never miss valuable experiences. I love new challenges and aspire to study an interdisciplinary degree, relating to the Natural Sciences at a top university in either the UK, America or Sweden. Specifically I would like to go into areas of pioneering research in medical science. This ambition of mine was cultivated at a young age and led me to participate in a medical research trip with UCL and Duke University to the Everest region. I believe that a lively and dynamic approach to learning engenders creativity. As Head Student I will encourage conscientious behaviour and intellectual curiosity so that Ashcroft students are able to pursue their interests and achieve their goals.

Vigan Ajvazi - Deputy Head Student

I’m Vigan Ajvazi, a Year 12 A level student currently studying Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Computer Science and Biology, with an aspiration of studying Computer Science or Maths at University.  Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship of £360 to study Computer Science at Durham this summer, which I am very appreciative of, as I know it’ll help me make my decision.  Despite what seems like a range of very academic subjects, aside from school, I also have a vast array of interests that I know have developed me massively.  I recently applied and got accepted for the role of deputy head student, which is a role I have aspired to take for a while. I have attended Ashcroft Technology Academy for 5 years, so understand the importance the newly acquired title of Deputy Head Student carries, and intend on acting to the best of my ability to fulfil this role. I hope to thoroughly enjoy my upcoming year as Deputy Head Student, and hope to help out as many people as I can.

Nazeema Ishmael - Deputy Head Student

My name is Nazeema Ishmael, I have enjoyed being a student at Ashcroft for the past 6 years and now aspire to achieve a career in Aerospace Engineering. I hope to use the skills that Ashcroft has taught me including public speaking as well as an outstanding education within Maths and Physics. I currently study the IB which caters for my interests across subjects (Science, Humanities, MFL, Maths, English, The Arts). In the recent years I have successively organised a multicultural day to celebrate the ethnic diversity in our school which has significantly become varied over the past decade. I aim to uphold the recognition of culture across our school and use interactive activities such as Henna Painting and Music from around the World to display our ethnicities but also to raise money for charity. I actively study reports within Geography and Physics however in my free time I enjoy Rowing and Team Sport. I am currently Deputy Head Student and my role is to work alongside with our Head Student Team and progress the changes suggested from the student body. I take an active interest in listening to any contributions and look forward to working with the student body.

Zahra Khalaf - Deputy Head Student

Hello, my name is Zahra. As an external student who joined the sixth form recently in September, I can truly say just how much the school has helped me to develop myself as an individual through the myriad of opportunities that students are offered – both for academic and non-academic purposes. I am currently studying mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology at A level and I have a strong motivation to study biochemistry at university. With the efforts of teachers and the extra material that I am recommended to read, I have found that broadening my knowledge about the world of science is something that I find truly enjoyable. I am an avid reader with my own little collection of over 100 books – and consequently I use this opportunity to cultivate my never ending love for history by reading books rooted in ancient mythology. As a Deputy Head Student, my role is to work with the Head Student Team and with teachers and students to ensure that the school continues to advance in all aspects of school life. I have a responsibility to listen to new suggestions and bring about changes for the better – to ensure that Ashcroft continues to ensure that learning is as fun and engaging as possible for all.

Marta Sarosiek - Deputy Head Student

My name is Marta Sarosiek. I have been a member of Ashcroft for 6 years, since 2010 and am honoured to be a member of the Head Student team for 2016-2017. Currently, I study Business, English Literature, Geography and DT- Textiles, which will hopefully aid me in my aspirations of studying fashion and marketing/business in a top arts university such as Central St. Martins. Ashcroft Technology Academy excels at producing students who go on to become engineers, doctors and scientists, however, I aspire to follow a different route into the fashion industry and represent the fact that success comes from achieving your own personal goals. As a member of the Head Student team, I aspire to work with my fellow peers in order to establish a deeper connection with the younger students, as I have found that communication between year groups is key for successful cohesion, through my additional role as House Captain of Endeavour House.